A bot built to keep your servers clean

The Cleaner is a Discord bot designed to keep your server clean and safe.

Anti Spam
Auto Moderator
Phishing detection (included in Auto Moderator)
Anti Raid and Link Filter
Member Verification

and more to keep your server secure

Anti Spam

Automatically detect and mitigate spam.
Detects all kinds of spam.
Automatic adjustments to channel slowmode to slow spam down.

Auto Moderator

Block unsocialized content in your server.
Protection against mass pings.
Protection against Discord invites.
Protection against broad pings. (@here and @everyone)
Protection against Phishing. (see more below)
Protection against certain selfbots.

Phishing Protection

Auto Moderator automatically detects phishing, malware and other malicious content.
Huge database of past phishing waves.
Advanced heuristics for previously unknown domains.
Using preview embeds to enhance detection

Anti Raid

Automatically fight & mitigate raids
Fully automatic
Handles big raids without fail
Customizable limits



Verification for new or bad behaving members.
Passthrough for aged accounts (can be disabled)
In-discord CAPTCHAs (3x3 captcha, classification, text)
External CAPTCHAs (hCaptcha, Turnstile)


Super Verification

Verification using Discord's Moderation Level to prevent DMs while pending verification.
Prevents DMs while pending verification
Prevents all automated raids
Normal users unaffected by raids and can continue verifying
Supports hCAPTCHA Verification


Join Guard

Say goodbye to normal invites and bots.
Users join the server using the website
Bots get blocked on the website directly
Supports hCAPTCHA Verification


Name Checker

Checks the names of your users.
Automatic de-hoisting.
Kicks accounts impersonating Discord


Link Filter

Checks all links send by users.
Custom whitelist and blacklist.
Block unknown links.



Per-server statistics
Per-user statistics (all servers you can manage)
Global statistics

Per-serverPer-userGlobal Statistics

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