The Cleaner

A bot built for keeping servers clean

The Cleaner is a Discord bot designed to keep your server clean by removing spam, phishing, and more!

Spam detection within seconds.
Instant phishing link detection with the help of heuristics, a database of old links and shared knowledge between servers.
Enable Verification to filter out all bots.

Trusted by the community

The Cleaner is trusted by many servers and users to keep their environment clean.

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Automatic Spam Prevention

Automatically detects spam using industry leading techniques.

Automatically chooses the best Discord feature combat the spam. (timeout, kick, ban, etc)

Detection within seconds.
Automatically switches to banning if a large raid is detected.
Automatic adjustments to channel slowmode.
Image of antispam in action.

Phishing Prevention

Automatically detects phishing, malware and other malicious content.
Huge database of past phishing waves.
Advanced heuristics for previously unknown domains.
Preview embed detection
Image of a message deleted by phishing prevention.


Verification for new or bad behaving members.
Discord Account Verification
CAPTCHA Verification
Image of the 'Verification required' embed

Super Verification

Prevents bots and raids from doing any harm.
Prevents DMs while pending verification
Prevents all raids
No false positive kicks or bans during raids

Just... keep it clean

Keep a lot of unsocialized content out of your server - by default.
Automatic de-hoisting.
Protection against mass pings.
Protection against Discord invites.
Protection against broad pings. (@here and @everyone)
Prevent mass emoji usage. (disabled by default)
Image of various deleted messages.

Start protecting your server now