About The Cleaner

The Cleaner is a bot developed by Leo.

Special thanks to:

  • Rxvan for testing and feedback
  • A7U for website feedback and dev help
  • Rynav and Tech for being there and helping with the name
  • MJK for designing the profile picture
  • Rynav, Tech, usernamep, coodin and MJK for website feedback

  • You! Thanks for using my bot <3



  • Hosted on Raspberry Pi 3b
  • Redis database
  • Written in Python using hikari

Website (I love Cloudflare):

  • Nextjs + TailwindCSS
  • Docs using MkDocs
  • Frontend hosted on Cloudflare Pages
  • Backend hosted on my Raspberry Pi (using Cloudflare Tunnel)
    • Backend written using FastAPI


The Cleaner (originally Mr. Clean) was designed to be a small antiraid bot for my private server.

However, phishing waves became more and more common in July, so I added phishing detection. Really simple distance calculation between steamcommunity and every domain in every message sent. If it's similar, it just bans.

And it worked!

I convinced two friends of mine with medium sized servers (2,3k and 3,4k members) to invite the bot and it was decimating the urls of that time.

With time I improved the bot, added more detections and made The Cleaner even better.

Early September the bot went public after a recode to make it more user friendly.

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