Spam Protection

Spam is mitigated by our Antispam engine.

Automatic slow mode

The slow mode of a channel is automatically adjusted depending on the volume of incoming messages.

More messages = higher slow mode

If the slow mode is above 10 seconds or if the MANAGE_CHANNELS permission is missing, it won't be automatically adjusted.

Phishing Prevention

Phishing is prevented mainly through the following rules:

And the following mitigation rule:


Automatic de-hoisting

This automatically removes starting ! from member's nicknames. See dehoisting for more information.

Mass ping

Messages with more than 5 pings are blocked. (ping.users.few)

Messages with more than 15 pings are blocked and result in a challenge. (ping.users.many)

Discord invites

Discord invites are automatically deleted by default with the advertisement.discord.invite rule.

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